Julia Miles And Chloe

Julia Miles And Chloe

Julia Miles And Chloe

This is a historic meeting with two of Germany’s greatest gifts to the world: Chloe Vevrier and Julia Miles. They truly are the breast Germany has to offer, and they show their patriotism by worshiping each other’s bodies, from their huge racks down to their sweet, succulent pussy holes. One day, historians will look back upon this encounter as the moment when a new era in Germany history began.

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Chloe And SaRenna

Chloe And SaRenna Chloe and SaRenna, tit-to-tit and nipple-to-nipple. For many big-boob men, this was what they were waiting for. Finally it was done. Four years into her modeling career, everybody knew Chloe was no stranger to snackin’ on the muff. SaRenna Lee had also established herself as a lady with a taste for pink cookies. They were together on SCORE’s Boob Cruise ’95 and ’97. The now sold-out July ’97 SCORE magazine was their first “official” time together and what a twat-licking debut it was. Remember the striking cover? The video version of this flesh buffet was added to…

Chloe And Kelly

Chloe And Kelly In this little known pictorial shot in London in 1996, Chloe teaches a sexy, beautiful young model named Kelly all about cunt sucking and tit worship. The teenaged Kelly soon finds that her fresh, beautiful body and dripping slit belongs to mistress Chloe for as long as they are in the same room. Kelly is taught all the nuances of what it means to be part of the busty snatch club. The video counterpart to this pictorial is a little known, little heralded tape called “Kelly and Chloe.” It’s an R-rated, 30 minute erotic adventure. Discontinued on…

Black and White Brabusters

Black and White Brabusters Danni and the tit-goddess of England, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, pose together in London on September 29th, 1998 and quite a pairing it is. At times, the girls look they’re doing some kind of apartment wrestling match on the bed! In breast terms, Danni was out-gunned by Linsey. This was Danni’s last photo trip to SCORE and she is more gorgeous than ever. LDM and Danni had met before, sailing together on Boob Cruise ’97, Danni’s third and last Cruise. Danni’s laser-like concentration then intensified on her own site. (It was sold in 2004 and re-sold just…