Boob Batter Up!

Boob Batter Up!

Boob Batter Up!

Letters to LinseysWorld:

Dear Linsey, I have been looking through the video clips of you. Every one gets hotter than the next. My wife caught me looking but she likes you too and you are now a big part of our sex life. We love watching you licking those gorgeous boobs. My wife gives me a blow job and we imagine you are in the room with us. Our horniest fantasy is to have you and my wife give me a good sucking off and when I spunk, you both catch it in your mouth, then you kiss my wife and swap my cum, then you swap my cum with me and I love the taste of it in your mouth. Love from Richard and Ruth.

Hi Linsey, I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I saw you in the first mag I got my hands on. That was ten years ago. Those beautiful breasts, that nice, spankable ass and that oh, so munchable fanny are captivating, to say the least. You’ve got the most sexiest feet I’ve ever come across. To see your feet in a pair of Perspex heels with blue or black nail polish would probably make me shoot right there.-M.

Dear Linsey, I think you are the nicest lady I have seen on a website such as this. I love your pictures and videos. I think the sex education video is very funny.-R.

Just a quick message. I want to say that although I have always had a hard spot for you. Looking through your photo sets made me realize what a truly stunning woman you are. Breathtaking, in fact. Keep up the good work, you’re the best.-N.

I would love to see collages of Linsey as a giantess. There are enough pictures of her from many angles, doing many things with her breasts that she could easily be put into pictures that would make her look 7-500 feet tall.-J.

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